ccmb event – mommy speed dating | business | mckinney, tx

ccmb tupps-19 copy

In early June, I had the pleasure of partnering with Collin County Moms Blog for their Mommy Speed Dating event held at Tupps Brewery.  It was a fun night where moms in the area could mingle, connect and find their new BFF.  Let’s face it, being a new mom and meeting other mom friends is kind of like dating all over again. Tupps Brewery was the perfect location with its rustic feel and of course their awesome selection of brews to try.  I don’t normally do events outside of portraits, so this was so much fun and refreshing for me.  Here are just a few from that evening.  For more, check out Collin County Moms Blog’s full post HERE.

ccmb tupps-2 copyccmb tupps-5 copyccmb tupps-6 copyccmb tupps-9 copyccmb tupps-11 copyccmb tupps-14 copyccmb tupps-16 copyccmb tupps-17 copyccmb tupps-18 copyccmb tupps-25 copyccmb tupps-32 copyccmb tupps-34 copyccmb tupps-41 copyccmb tupps-43 copyccmb tupps-44 copyccmb tupps-49 copyccmb tupps-50 copycollage1 copyccmb tupps-53 copyccmb tupps-58 copyccmb tupps-55 copyccmb tupps-63 copyccmb tupps-67 copyccmb tupps-76 copyccmb tupps-77 copyccmb tupps-89 copyccmb tupps-100 copyccmb tupps-98 copyccmb tupps-101 copyccmb tupps-103 copy

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