kohen at 9 months | children | keller, tx

kohen9mos-6-copyI haven’t seen Kohen since he was three months old and my, has he grown!  He was as happy as can be.  I can’t wait to see him again when he turns one.  Here are some of my favorites.kohen9mos-1-copykohen9mos-4-copykohen9mos-7-copykohen9mos-12-copykohen9mos-10-copykohen9mos-20-copykohen9mos-21 copykohen9mos-32-copykohen9mos-38-copykohen9mos-41-copykohen9mos-46-copykohen9mos-48-copykohen9mos-50 copykohen9mos-58-copykohen9mos-52-copykohen9mos-59-copy

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