o christmas tree | family | prosper, tx

mota-40-copyI love the magic that a Christmas tree brings to a home.  That’s why when this family invited me to come over to their house and photograph them in front of their Christmas tree, I couldn’t resist!  This family was such a joy to work with.  They are all about family time which led to the creation of PK’s Craft Crates.  Here are some favorites from a fun session.mota-4-copymota-8-copymota-15-copymota-26-copymota-29-copymota-35-copymota-36-copymota-43-copymota-51-copymota-53-copycollage1-copymota-64-copymota-68-copyI loved this idea so much, I might have to enforce sessions like this next year!  Thank you, Mota Family, for welcoming me into your beautiful home!

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