a day in the life | personal

dayinthelife 05.04.16 copy wmLast year, I was challenged by a Mom’s group to capture a day in your life.  It encourages you to take your camera out and snap pictures of your every day.  Here’s the one I did last year.collage6

It’s fun to see how much things have changed in a year.  My son is now potty trained, he’s going to Mother’s Day Out twice a week, started swimming lessons and loves everything Star Wars (ironically, I picked May the Fourth to do this).  My daughter is now walking, loves her milk and we get to spend a lot of time together just the two of us while big brother is at school.  What hasn’t changed is our trips to Target (obviously)!

I love this project and hope to do it more often.  Oftentimes, I reach for my phone to take pictures of the kids just because it’s so convenient.  This is a good exercise to do every now and then to use your creativity and capture some memories, too.  Sometimes, it’s the every day that you want to remember most.

So I challenge you to use your fancy camera just for a day and see where it takes you!

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