addilyn | newborn | little elm, tx

addilyn-64 copy

I met Addilyn when she was already a month old.  Although she was a preemie, she was very alert, which I didn’t mind at all because I got to see her beautiful blue eyes.  Her parents prepared such a pretty nursery for her.  Her Mom had a vision and her Dad definitely delivered, complete with an accent wall made of (hashtag) shiplap.  Addilyn is truly a miracle and the answer to her parents’ prayers.

And since she was the only baby girl of five babies I met in the past month, I’m oversharing!

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price | family | richardson, tx


A beautiful family in the prettiest setting.  These kids’ birthdays are less than a month apart.  What better way to commemorate their special days than with updated portraits.  I’m so glad we got these pictures done when the wildflowers were in full bloom.  As of this past weekend, they’ve been mowed.  It’s become one of my favorites and I will most likely be back again next year.  Thanks, Price family, for trusting me with this location.  I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out!

price-4 copyprice-7 copyprice-11 copyprice-14 copy

Logan turned ONE this month!

price-15 copyprice-16 copyprice-17 copy

Leighton at 4 years old.

price-24 copyprice-28 copyprice-32 copyprice-35 copyprice-42 copy.jpg

Leighton looks like she’s ready to save the world.  Logan is just here to party!

price-45 copy

Both sets of grandparents were in town so they joined in on the fun.

price-50 copy

Three generations of some really good genes.

price-57 copy

lucas | newborn | mckinney, tx

lucas-66 copy

I was very excited to meet this little guy!  He was so chill and slept through most of our session.  He is the opposite of his big sister Audrey, who has so much personality.  Of course it’s still early in the game and only time will tell before these two get into some mischief together.  Watch out, Mom and Dad!  Here are some of my favorites of Lucas at 10 days old.

lucas-1 copylucas-6 copylucas-8 copylucas-10 copylucas-13 copylucas-15 copylucas-22 copylucas-24 copylucas-29 copylucas-33 copylucas-35 copylucas-36 copylucas-37 copylucas-40 copylucas-41 copylucas-45 copylucas-47 copylucas-48 copylucas-51 copylucas-53 copylucas-56 copylucas-59 copylucas-65 copy

I love this one of Lucas sleeping on his great grandfather’s trunk that he used when he served in the Navy many years ago.

eiras | family | parker, tx

eiras-8 copy

I had a lovely time getting to know the Eiras family during their session.  Thank you for spending a windy evening with me!

eiras-6 copyeiras-12 copyeiras-14 copyeiras-23 copyeiras-25 copyeiras-24 copyeiras-29 copyeiras-31 copyeiras-35 copyeiras-38 copyeiras-44 copyeiras-45 copyeiras-46 copyeiras-48 copyeiras-52 copyeiras-53 copyeiras-56 copyeiras-60 copyeiras-62 copyeiras-66 copyeiras-70 copyeiras-71 copy

kelsey | maternity | plano, tx

zellmer-23 copy

This family is now a party of four and I had the pleasure of meeting their new addition this week.  Here is a look back at Kelsey’s maternity/family session that we shot just a little over two weeks before their son was born.

zellmer-1 copyzellmer-24 copyzellmer-10 copyzellmer-16 copyzellmer-22 copyzellmer-25 copyzellmer-27 copyzellmer-29 copyzellmer-35 copyzellmer-37 copyzellmer-41 copyzellmer-46 copyzellmer-49 copyzellmer-53 copyzellmer-54 copyzellmer-56 copyzellmer-61 copycollage2 copyzellmer-76 copyzellmer-79 copy

luke | newborn | addison, tx

luke-62 copy

I loved meeting this new family of three.  Luke was a little over a week old and his parents were just smitten over him.  He was absolutely perfect and so adorable in every way!

luke-4 copyluke-7 copyluke-13 copyluke-16 copyluke-10 copyluke-20 copyluke-22 copyluke-26 copyluke-24 copyluke-31 copyluke-33 copyluke-34 copyluke-36 copyluke-37 copyluke-41luke-47 copyluke-48 copyluke-49 copyluke-52 copyluke-53 copyluke-55 copyluke-64 copyluke-67 copyluke-71 copyluke-74 copy

healthy edge studios | business | mckinney, tx

lauren-59 copy

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren McNeese for launching her website!  She combined her two passions, singing and holistic nutrition, and created Healthy Edge Studios.  She will be offering voice lessons in her home and health coaching online.  I was so honored to have taken some pictures for her new website back in the fall.  Please take a moment and check out her website and learn more about this fabulous lady.  She’s the sweetest!

lauren-45 copylauren-34 copylauren-42 copylauren-81 copylauren-93 copyfeldman16-13 copylauren-97 copyfeldman16-75 copy