robbie | children | mckinney, tx

siegel-17-copyRobbie just keeps getting cuter and cuter each year!  It took him a while to warm up to me, but after a stroll around our little town with a train, gifts and Santa’s workshop all set up, he loosened up a bit.  siegel-29-copysiegel-37-copysiegel-40-copysiegel-44-copysiegel-16-copysiegel-53-copysiegel-54-copysiegel-58-copysiegel-59-copysiegel-64-copysiegel-8-copyAnd since he’ll be 3 in less than a month, his parents decided to bump him up to big brother status next year!  I’m sure he/she will be just as adorable!

o christmas tree | family | prosper, tx

mota-40-copyI love the magic that a Christmas tree brings to a home.  That’s why when this family invited me to come over to their house and photograph them in front of their Christmas tree, I couldn’t resist!  This family was such a joy to work with.  They are all about family time which led to the creation of PK’s Craft Crates.  Here are some favorites from a fun session.mota-4-copymota-8-copymota-15-copymota-26-copymota-29-copymota-35-copymota-36-copymota-43-copymota-51-copymota-53-copycollage1-copymota-64-copymota-68-copyI loved this idea so much, I might have to enforce sessions like this next year!  Thank you, Mota Family, for welcoming me into your beautiful home!

cookies for santa | family | parker, tx

wheeler-91-copy-2I thought I’d share some Christmas spirit around here.  This Mom always has the best ideas and this year, she did not disappoint!  She came prepared with props and cookies to share!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.  Enjoy!collage1-copywheeler-1wheeler-22-copywheeler-27-copywheeler-34-copywheeler-42-copywheeler-65-copywheeler-67-copywheeler-85-copywheeler-97-copywheeler-98-copywheeler-108-copy-2wheeler-109-copy-2

maria | maternity | richardson, tx

maria-8-copyI wanted to share Maria’s maternity pictures before she welcomes her baby girl, who will be here any day now! Maria arrived in this beautiful green dress and when I saw her, I knew it was going to be a good session! I love the chemistry between her and her husband, Josh. They are very much in love and they can’t wait to meet their little princess. This baby is already so loved! maria-1-copymaria-5-copymaria-9-copymaria-11-copymaria-16-copymaria-19-copymaria-22-copymaria-23-copymaria-27-copymaria-29-copymaria-36-copymaria-40-copymaria-42-copymaria-51-copymaria-59-copymaria-62-copymaria-63-copymaria-64-copymaria-67-copymaria-68-copy