pumpkin patch | family | richardson, tx

stewart-32-copyFinishing off the week with my first session at a pumpkin patch! This family took pictures in this exact same pumpkin patch six years ago with their oldest son and and thought it would be a great idea to go back as a family of four.stewart-8-copystewart-11-copystewart-20-copystewart-33-copycollage1-copystewart-36-copystewart-37-copystewart-39-copystewart-42-copystewart-46-copystewart-51-copystewart-52-copystewart-62-copystewart-67-copystewart-68-copystewart-69-copy

heidi | newborn | mckinney, tx

heidi-92-copyToday, beautiful Heidi is one month old!  Time flies when you have a newborn, especially the second time around!  Here are some of my favorites from Heidi’s newborn session when she was just 8 days new.collage1-copyheidi-7-copyheidi-10-copyheidi-18-copyheidi-21-copyheidi-23-copyheidi-28-copyheidi-30-copyheidi-35-copyheidi-38-copyheidi-49-copyheidi-50-copyheidi-53-copyheidi-56-copyheidi-71-copyHer Mom made this pretty quilt while she was pregnant with her.  She didn’t know at the time if she was having a boy or a girl, but this one definitely screams GIRL!heidi-73-copyheidi-76-copyheidi-78-copyheidi-80-copyheidi-83-copyheidi-84-copyheidi-88-copyheidi-90-copyheidi-94-copyheidi-99-copyheidi-101-copyheidi-105-copyheidi-115-copyheidi-117-copyheidi-124-copyThree generations.heidi-130-copy


mac + sefora | engaged | dallas, tx

macsef-21-copyI don’t often get to photograph couples so I was very excited for this engagement session!  It was a nice change and hope I get a chance to do it again soon. Change is good!  And this couple was up for anything and was so much fun to be around.  Thanks for the laughs and chasing the sun with me.  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.macsef-2-copymacsef-7-copymacsef-8-copymacsef-13-copymacsef-15-copymacsef-30-copymacsef-35-copymacsef-42-copymacsef-45-copymacsef-46-copymacsef-52-copymacsef-59-copymacsef-70-copycollage1-copymacsef-90-copymacsef-91-copymacsef-95-copymacsef-105-copymacsef-97-copymacsef-101-copymacsef-108-copymacsef-110-copymacsef-114-copymacsef-124-copymacsef-125-copymacsef-129-copy



big sister | family | mckinney, tx

merritt-61-2-copyI was so honored to be a part of this family’s sweet baby announcement!  They have a beautiful daughter and two fur babies and they’re adding another pumpkin to their patch next year!  I’m so, so happy for their growing family!  merritt-3-copymerritt-6-copymerritt-4-copymerritt-11-copymerritt-13-copymerritt-23-copymerritt-26-copymerritt-28-copymerritt-29-copymerritt-33-copymerritt-37-copymerritt-43-copymerritt-51-copymerritt-58-copy-copy

signey | family | dallas, tx

fallsigney-8-copyI was so happy to see this family again for their fall session.  This time, we tried something different and picked Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  The busy streets definitely kept the kids interested and created a really pretty backdrop for this stylish family.  Love all the colors that they chose!  Here are my favorites from their session.  fallsigney-1-copyfallsigney-4-copyfallsigney-9-copyfallsigney-10-copyfallsigney-21-copyfallsigney-20-copyfallsigney-24-copyfallsigney-28-copyfallsigney-31-copyfallsigney-32-copyfallsigney-35-copyfallsigney-42-copyfallsigney-47-copyfallsigney-46-copyfallsigney-48-copyfallsigney-53-copyThanks again, Signey family, for meeting me and for trying something new!



childs | family | mckinney, tx

childs-23-copyI loved spending my morning with this sweet family. Ms. Violet loved the camera and was so ready to strike a pose.  She even got her nails done – watch out, fashion world!  Liam wasn’t feeling it that day but at least he looked very handsome in his cardigan!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.childs-6-copychilds-11-copychilds-12-copychilds-15-copychilds-19-copychilds-26-copychilds-30-copychilds-21-copychilds-33-copychilds-42-copychilds-45-copychilds-44-2-copychilds-50-copychilds-60-copychilds-63-copychilds-65-copychilds-67-copy


amaratana | family | dallas, tx

amaratana-23-copyI loved meeting these new parents. It brought me back to those sleepless nights and running on little fuel. But all of that goes away as soon as they see their sweet baby boy. They’re still trying to figure things out, but really, aren’t we all?  Here are just a few of their first pictures as a family of three. amaratana-8-copyamaratana-15-copyamaratana-22-copyamaratana-25-copyamaratana-36-copyamaratana-28-copyamaratana-35-copyamaratana-31-copyamaratana-44-copyamaratana-69-copyamaratana-71-copyamaratana-62-copyamaratana-75-copyamaratana-82-copyamaratana-96-copyamaratana-92-copyamaratana-107-copyamaratana-110-copyamaratana-111-copyamaratana-123-copy