hayley | maternity | mckinney, tx

hayley-86-copyHayley wanted to take some pictures before becoming a family of four and what better way to capture her family than in their beautiful home.  What a pretty backdrop right in their backyard!  They’re welcoming their second child and waiting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  I can’t wait to meet their new addition!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.hayley-2-copyhayley-4-copyhayley-7-copyhayley-12-copyhayley-17-copyhayley-21-copyhayley-30-copyhayley-35-copyWhat a mama’s boy.  I’m sure he’s going to be the best big brother!collage2-copyhayley-52-copyhayley-56-copyhayley-57-copyhayley-71-copycollage1-copyhayley-77-copyhayley-88-copyhayley-95-copyhayley-92-copyhayley-96-copy

hayley-103-copyhayley-110-copyhayley-115-copyI loved talking motherhood with this glowing Mama!  I hope I didn’t scare her too much about having two kids – you got this!  Thank you for welcoming me into your home.

kohen at 3 months | children | keller, tx

finn-2-copyYou might remember Kohen from his newborn pictures just three months ago.  He’s back looking just as cute and alert as I last saw him. finn-6-copyfinn-8-copyfinn-12-copyfinn-27-copyfinn-21-copyfinn-29-copyfinn-38-copyfinn-41-copyfinn-44-copyfinn-46-copyfinn-50-copyfinn-54-copyfinn-58-copyfinn-62-copyfinn-65-copyfinn-73-copyfinn-77-copyfinn-85-copyLooking forward to reuniting with this family in three months for his six month pics!

just cruzin’ | family | mckinney, tx

graham-5-copyI’m so glad to finally photograph this family after having to reschedule a few times.  It all worked out though because the weather was perfect and we had that delicious light!  Cruz just turned one and is cruising (pun intended) everywhere!  He’ll be walking in no time!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their session.graham-1-copygraham-2-copygraham-6-copygraham-8-copygraham-16-copygraham-18-copygraham-22-copygraham-23-copygraham-24-copygraham-28-copygraham-29-copygraham-37-copygraham-39-copygraham-43-copygraham-47-copygraham-51-copygraham-52-copygraham-57-copyI enjoyed getting to know this beautiful family and can’t wait to see that cheeky smile again!

brooklyn is ONE | children | richardson, tx

brooklyn-81-copyI loved everything about this session!  We had such pretty light in the perfect location and Brooklyn’s outfits were just adorable.  It seems like only yesterday that I took her Mom’s maternity pictures, and here she is turning ONE today!  Here are just a few of my favorites.brooklyn-1-copybrooklyn-6-copybrooklyn-16-copyA stork paid us a visit.  brooklyn-19-copybrooklyn-22-copybrooklyn-34-copybrooklyn-37-copybrooklyn-41-copybrooklyn-43-copybrooklyn-46-copybrooklyn-47-copybrooklyn-50-copybrooklyn-51-copybrooklyn-58-copybrooklyn-63-copybrooklyn-67-copybrooklyn-72-copybrooklyn-78-copybrooklyn-85-copybrooklyn-88-copybrooklyn-95-copybrooklyn-105-copyI had to share this sweet picture of Brooklyn and her Daddy! brooklyn-118-copybrooklyn-122-copybrooklyn-128-copybrooklyn-138-copybrooklyn-142-copybrooklyn-149-copybrooklyn-169-copybrooklyn-176-copybrooklyn-184-copybrooklyn-188-copybrooklyn-199-copyHappy 1st Birthday, Brooklyn!

dilaila | maternity | plano, tx

dilaila-6 copyI can’t get over this gorgeous mother-to-be!  She was so sweet and absolutely flawless!  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in November and they’re so excited to meet their little one.  dilaila-3 copydilaila-8 copydilaila-11 copydilaila-12 copyIt’s a BOY!dilaila-14 copydilaila-22 copydilaila-23 copydilaila-24 copydilaila-26 copydilaila-28 copydilaila-33 copydilaila-34 copydilaila-36 copydilaila-39 copydilaila-47 copydilaila-48 copydilaila-60 copycollage copydilaila-66 copydilaila-74 copydilaila-77 copydilaila-82 copydilaila-84 copydilaila-85 copydilaila-88 copydilaila-92 copyToday may be Labor Day, but let’s hope she doesn’t go into labor anytime soon!



5 years later | family | addison, tx

weaver-10 copyIt’s been five years since this couple had their wedding reception here, and they’re back with their (just turned) one-year-old, who’s also named Addison!  Here are a few of my favorites from their family session. weaver-5 copyweaver-17 copyweaver-27 copyweaver-34 copyAddison, in Addison!weaver-38 copyThis just melts my heart!  weaver-39 copyweaver-52 copyweaver-57 copyweaver-62 copy“Out came the sun and dried up all the rain…”weaver-63 copyweaver-66 copyweaver-69 copyweaver-72 copyweaver-78 copyweaver-83 copyweaver-85 copyweaver-88 copyweaver-99 copyweaver-100 copyweaver-102 copyweaver-104 copyweaver-111 copyFirst father-daughter dance!weaver-113 copyweaver-117 copyweaver-119 copyweaver-122 copyweaver-126weaver-133weaver-142 copyweaver-148 copyweaver-153 copyweaver-162 copySometimes, you just need some snacks and your buddy George.

There is no doubt that Addison is their pride and joy.  Happy belated birthday, pretty girl!