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dayinthelife 05.04.16 copy wmLast year, I was challenged by a Mom’s group to capture a day in your life.  It encourages you to take your camera out and snap pictures of your every day.  Here’s the one I did last year.collage6

It’s fun to see how much things have changed in a year.  My son is now potty trained, he’s going to Mother’s Day Out twice a week, started swimming lessons and loves everything Star Wars (ironically, I picked May the Fourth to do this).  My daughter is now walking, loves her milk and we get to spend a lot of time together just the two of us while big brother is at school.  What hasn’t changed is our trips to Target (obviously)!

I love this project and hope to do it more often.  Oftentimes, I reach for my phone to take pictures of the kids just because it’s so convenient.  This is a good exercise to do every now and then to use your creativity and capture some memories, too.  Sometimes, it’s the every day that you want to remember most.

So I challenge you to use your fancy camera just for a day and see where it takes you!

hayden is ONE | family | mckinney, tx

smith-140wmWe took these family pictures just in time for Hayden’s first birthday!  It was a very humid Sunday morning and Hayden was not a fan, but his monkey came to the rescue.  Here are a few favorites from their session.smith-1wmsmith-2wmsmith-3wmsmith-7wmsmith-8wmsmith-11wmsmith-17wmsmith-26wmsmith-35wmsmith-37wmsmith-45wmsmith-57wmsmith-72wmsmith-79wmsmith-89wmsmith-94wmsmith-99wmsmith-105wmsmith-109wmsmith-111wmsmith-116wmsmith-119wmsmith-120wmsmith-124wmsmith-129wmsmith-138wmsmith-152wmsmith-154wmWhat a beautiful family!  Oh, and this South African Mama brought me some homemade rusks to dip in my morning coffee.  I’ve been spoiled and I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking my coffee without it!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

[mckinney, tx | family and child photographer]

kohen | newborn | fort worth, tx

kohen-95wmI was so happy to finally meet Kohen and his sweet family.  His Mama went to med school with my sister and I only heard great things about her and her husband.  She had to miss their graduation because she could go into labor at any time.  I’m sure he was worth it!

You can’t tell in these pictures but Kohen was awake almost the entire session.  Of course he decided to sleep as soon as we wrapped up.  His Mama was a great help!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.kohen-3wmkohen-7wmkohen-11wmPretty (big sister) Bella.  She wanted to be where the action was at all times.  It was a little tricky trying to maneuver around her since she’s so big, but we got some sweet shots with her! kohen-13wmkohen-18wmkohen-23wmkohen-25wmkohen-27wmkohen-29wmkohen-37wmKohen’s parents both played baseball so this was mandatory.  Loved the little beanie!kohen-41wmkohen-49wmkohen-51wmkohen-54wmkohen-60wmkohen-62wmkohen-69wmkohen-72wmkohen-76wmkohen-82wmkohen-85wmkohen-91wmkohen-99wmkohen-106wmkohen-110wmkohen-122wmkohen-130wmkohen-133wmkohen-135wmkohen-136wmkohen-139wm 2kohen-142wmLoved the chance of getting to hold a newborn again.  Congratulations on your handsome little man!

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