chasing waterfalls | family | richardson, tx

au-7wmI’m so glad this family drove all this way to meet me here for their session.  Look at that water feature!  Almost made me want to do the “Waterfalls” music video.  Almost.  It was so worth it and may be my new favorite spot!  au-5wmau-9wmIt took a while for this little guy to warm up to me.  Snacks to the rescue!au-24wmau-25wmau-34wmau-38wmau-42wmau-45wmau-47wmau-58wmau-60wmau-77wmau-83wmau-111wmau-96wmau-52wmAfter all the chasing around, all he wanted was the stool.  And I gained a new assistant!  Sure could use him around!au-126wmau-123wm



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