full circle | family | mckinney, tx

luckett-8wmI recently met this Mom through Fit4Mom but we found out that we actually first met years ago through a mutual friend and went to the same alma mater.  Small world!  This was also the exact same place where they had taken their engagement pictures and they’re back with some very adorable additions!luckett-5wm luckett-6wm We started the session getting our sillies out, aka, a dance off.  Obviously.luckett-9wmluckett-13wm luckett-14wm luckett-16wm luckett-22wmSisters are the best!  And matching outfits FTW!
luckett-24wmluckett-29wm luckett-30wm luckett-36wm luckett-39wm luckett-40wm luckett-42wm luckett-52wmSo neat to see things come full circle.  I’m glad I was able to take them down memory lane and create new ones, too.

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best idea yet | family | allen, tx

wilson-5wmWhen your client literally drags their couch from their living room for a photo session, you know it’s going to be a good one!  Best idea yet!wilson-10wm wilson-19wm wilson-26wm wilson-29wm wilson-35wm wilson-46wm wilson-57wm wilson-62wm wilson-72wm

It was a very cold and windy November day and this gang hung in there.  At least we had some delicious light and a few good smiles from that little man!

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baby brother | family | prosper, tx

price-24wmI was so honored to be a part of this family’s BIG reveal!  Mom was throwing out ideas for a baby announcement and I was excited and nervous because I didn’t want to screw it up!  Since the news is now officially out there, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from their session.price-7wm price-17wm price-19wm price-26wm price-27wmHow does Big Sister feel about all this you say?  The picture below says it all!price-28wm price-36wm price-48wm price-51wm price-57wmI’m so happy for this beautiful family and their new adventures ahead as a family of four.

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paco | family | mckinney, tx

feldman-10wmI had so much fun strolling along the Square with this beautiful family.  These are the sweetest ladies (and little lady) you will ever meet.  Dad was calm, cool and collected, holding a coffee mug in one hand and Mr. Paco in the other.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning!feldman-19wm feldman-24wm feldman-39wm feldman-42wmAnd here’s what you don’t see below:feldman-48wm feldman-51wm feldman-57wm feldman-62wm feldman-65wm feldman-73wm feldman-76wm feldman-84wmThis girl in a nutshell!feldman-86wm feldman-93wm feldman-109wm feldman-118wm[mckinney, tx | family photographer]