sticking around | family | mckinney, tx

Enjoyed hanging out with this beautiful family on an equally beautiful morning.  The kids just wanted to play and kept me on my toes.  At one point, they decided to attack me with sticks, but it was all worth it.  Who knew sticks would make good props (and they’re free)?langdon-16wm langdon-19wm langdon-27wmlangdon-48wmlangdon-52wmlangdon-40wmlangdon-63wmlangdon-103wmlangdon-72wm langdon-119wm

How gorgeous is this Mama?

langdon-130wm langdon-135wm langdon-155wm langdon-166wm langdon-168wm

It so happened to be September 11th, and Dad is a firefighter, too.  The stars aligned and we were meant to take pictures that day!

[mckinney, tx | family photographer]

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